A Fall Journey: Mumford’s “Babel” Kicks Off Autumn

The new album by Mumford & Sons, “Babel,” can be played on a loop while traveling down a tree-outlined road with colorful leaves falling all around.

It’s the first impression I got when the new single “I Will Wait” was released and it’s the same impression I got throughout the whole album.

The new album released today in much of Europe, will release next Monday, September 24 in the United Kingdom, and on Tuesday the 25th here in the States.

A problem with Mumford’s first album, “Sigh No More,” was that the whole album tended to blend together, leaving the listener wondering if anything stood out at them. Don’t get me wrong, “The Cave” was a smash hit single and “Little Lion Man,” “Awake My Soul,” and “Roll Away Your Stone,” absolutely moved and captivated a bunch of new Mumford and folk fans.

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Album no. 17: “When I Woke” – Rusted Root

Album: “When I Woke”
Band: Rusted Root
Year: 1994
Single: “Send Me on My Way”
Best Song: “Send Me on My Way”

1. Drum Trip
2. Ecstacy
3. Send Me On My Way
4. Cruel Sun
5. Cat Turned Blue
6. Beautiful People
7. Martyr
8. Rain
9. Food & Creative Love
10. Lost In A Crowd
11. Laughs As the Sun
12. Infinite Tamboura
13. Back to the Earth

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“El Camino” drives smoothly for Black Keys

The rock duo may just be the best tag team in music today.

And with an album like “El Camino” to call their own, the Black Keys may have hit their best work yet. Serving as the band’s seventh studio effort, “El Camino” cleans up for last year’s break-out album, “Brothers.”

Despite putting out five albums that kind of fell under the radar for popular music, the Black Keys got the recognition they finally deserved with last year’s effort. Winning three Grammy’s, including Best Alternative Music Album, and being nominated for two more awards, “Brothers,” put the Keys on the map.

Now a year and a half later, “El Camino” looks to keep the run going for the Black Keys.

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