2012 Concerts In Review

March 29 – Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

My first Bruce show. Such a life-altering evening seeing the legendary E Street Band and one of the greatest song writers in rock n’ roll history. Bruce rocked the house, and the E Street Band gave me an experience I will never forget.

June 15 – Phish
Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ

My second Phish show (Camden 2010 was my first). It was a very groovy night. Atmosphere was so fun, and the amount of good beer consumed by me was great. The first set was very spontaneous and weird, but the second set was possibly the highlight of the weekend. A sick Twist > Piper as well as a memorable David Bowie with all the teases made the second set one of the best 90 minutes of music I ever witnessed.

June 17 – Phish
Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ

I skipped the second night of the three-nighter, which I didn’t regret (though some great songs were played that night). The third night was cool. Played a lot of songs I liked, but it wasn’t as jammy or spontaneous as the first night. I did really enjoy the gorgeous Bug > A Day In the Life (Beatles cover) > Down With Disease run that ended the second set. The Chalk Dust Torture and Disease were both high-octane jams. It capped off a nice weekend heading into a memorable birthday week.

June 24 – Metallica
Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ

This was the second night of the Orion Festival. Metallica played their Black Album in descending order, which was a really cool thing to witness. (The previous night was Ride the Lightning, my favorite album.) They also mixed in other hits like staples One and Enter Sandman as well as a scorching version of Blackened. No, literally, the pyro during Blackened was freakin’ awesome. Seeing Metallica outdoors was way better than seeing them indoors back in 2009 at MSG. Their pyro made the show, with fireworks, explosions, giant balls of fire and just a smoke-filled sky that added to the hell-bound music of Metallica.

June 26 – Dave Matthews Band
Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ

This was such a disappointing weekend. Granted this show saw a very awesome version of Seek Up, Minarets and an awesome surprise in Typical Situation. But other than that, the show had too many mediocre songs played. The encore was especially terrible, with Gaucho and All Along the Watchtower sending fans home a little pissed.

June 27 – Dave Matthews Band
Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ

This was the second time I saw DMB on my birthday, and it didn’t come anywhere close to how amazing Hershey 2008 was (also the last time I saw LeRoi Moore live.) It opened with a crappy Shake Me Like A Monkey and boring Grace Is Gone. That was all forgotten when You Never Know was played. Other highlights did include a tour debut of Shotgun and the song debut of The Riff, which were both awesome. A Dancing Nancies > Warehouse combo was the big punch to the main set, and a fantastic encore of So Damn Lucky > Halloween > Tripping Billies ended the show on a huge high note, saving a pretty forgettable two-night stand.

July 14 – Roger Waters
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

This was my third Waters concert, and second time seeing him do The Wall. Honestly, words can’t describe how amazing this show is live, and I am lucky to have seen Waters do it not only once but twice. The only problem during the show was where my seats were, which was right in front of a huge speaker that would play the sound effects way too loud and out of syncopation with the music because Waters was trying to create a surround-sound effect. It failed, and they should have corrected that error during a soundcheck.

September 2 – Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

After seeing Bruce once, I had to get these tickets when the tour dates were announced. Killer show filled with some great songs. They played Jersey Girl and Candy’s Room, some awesome treats. Unfortunately, the next night got Jungleland and Atlantic City, two songs I really wanted.

December 6 – Neil Young & Crazy Horse (Trey Anastasio)
Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ

I didn’t know about this show until my buddy Chad sent me a text the day before. He told me Trey was opening up for Neil and doing an acoustic set. Trey was awesome and Neil with Horse was the most intense rocking I have ever seen. It was dirty, in your face and just straight up rock. No BS. Though After the Gold Rush was not played, and Trey never guested with Neil (a huge rumor) the show was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Glad I crossed Neil off my list.

December 22 – Dave Matthews Band (Lumineers)
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

My 19th DMB show and it was fantastic. After how terrible the Camden shows were, this was a great night. Lumineers opened and sounded amazing (love these guys, check ’em out). DMB perfectly mixed old songs with new songs, and busted out a couple gems in the process. I did a write-up about how this show should set a standard for the 2013 shows.

It was a great year of music for me. I already have tickets for one show in 2013: The Who. It’ll be my second time seeing them (2008) and they will be performing Quadrophenia. I’m incredibly excited for that as well as other music in 2013.

DMB will get two-three purchases from me, and I’m hoping the rumors of Phish taking 2013 off are false. I will also be hoping that Bruce plays a couple shows in the area next year and praying Billy Joel gets off his butt and tours again.

Happy 2013!


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