Album no. 22: “Jailbreak” – Thin Lizzy

Album: ”Jailbreak”
Band: Thin Lizzy
Year: 1976
Single: “The Boys Are Back In Town”
Best Song: “Cowboy Song”

1. Jailbreak
2. Angel From the Coast
3. Running Back
4. Romeo and the Lonely Girl
5. Warriors
6. The Boys Are Back In Town
7. Fight or Fall
8. Cowboy Song
9. Emerald

About the album – To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as well as 70’s Saturday, why not a little Thin Lizzy?

This is one of the most underrated albums of the 70’s, and one of my favorites. Featuring hit songs “The Boys Are Back In Town,” “Jailbreak,” and “Cowboy Song,” this album is 35 minutes of pure rock n roll awesomeness.

Grab a pint of your favorite Irish brew and raise your glass to a damn good day of Irish classic rock. I’ll also be listening to U2, The Pogues and Dropkick Murphy’s today. Enjoy folks!


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