Album no. 17: “When I Woke” – Rusted Root

Album: “When I Woke”
Band: Rusted Root
Year: 1994
Single: “Send Me on My Way”
Best Song: “Send Me on My Way”

1. Drum Trip
2. Ecstacy
3. Send Me On My Way
4. Cruel Sun
5. Cat Turned Blue
6. Beautiful People
7. Martyr
8. Rain
9. Food & Creative Love
10. Lost In A Crowd
11. Laughs As the Sun
12. Infinite Tamboura
13. Back to the Earth

About the album — Rusted Root is one of those bands that went well under the radar once the 90’s ended. Yes, people know the song “Send Me On My Way” but that’s about it.

They made their name playing a more acoustic world fusion style. In fact, a band that garnered more success playing a similar style is Dispatch, one of my favorite bands and the reason that I really dug up Rusted Root.

If  you want a relaxing, fun album to listen to, definitely listen to this Rusted Root classic. It was a beautiful day today in the Tri-State Area. Check out a beautiful album.


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