Album no. 13: “Junta” – Phish

Album: “Junta”
Band: Phish
Year: 1988
Single: n/a
Best Song: “You Enjoy Myself”

1. Fee
2. You Enjoy Myself
3. Esther
4. Golgi Apparatus
5. Foam
6. Dinner And A Movie
7. The Divided Sky
8. David Bowie
9. Fluffhead
10. Fluff’s Travels
11. Contact
12. Union Federal [Live]
13. Sanity [Live]
14. Icculus [Live]

About the album — “Junta” is Phish’s debut album and is easily their most incredible and well-thought effort still. It’s pretty much a super album, featuring the band’s three heaviest hitters.

“Fluffhead -> Fluff’s Travels,” “David Bowie,” and the iconic “You Enjoy Myself” are Phish’s three greatest songs as well as their most brilliant and thought out musical compositions. I was lucky to get all three at my first Phish show in 2010.

“The Divided Sky,” “Fee” and “Golgi” are also main plays at Phish shows.

And now, for your listening pleasure, check out this live version of “YEM” from Atlantic City 10/31/10 and prepare to have your mind blown.


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