Album no. 10: “Physical Graffiti” – Led Zeppelin

Album: “Physical Graffiti”
Band: Led Zeppelin
Year: 1975
Single: “Trampled Under Foot”
Best Song: “Kashmir”

1. Custard Pie
2. The Rover
3. In My Time of Dying
4. House of the Holy
5. Trampled Under Foot
6. Kashmir
7. In the Light
8. Bron-Yr-Aur
9. Down By the Seaside
10. Ten Years Gone
11. Night Flight
12. The Wanton Song
13. Boogie With Stu
14. Black Country Woman
15. Sick Again

About the album — The are certain albums that don’t need an explanation. “Physical Graffiti” –  or anything from Led Zeppelin, to be honest – falls into that category.

Today is a day to celebrate a musical masterpiece.


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