Album no. 9: “War Elephant” – Deer Tick

Album: “War Elephant”
Band: Deer Tick
Year: 2007
Best Song: “Not So Dense”

1. Ashamed
2. Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)
3. Standing At the Threshold
4. Dirty Dishes
5. Long Time
6. Nevada
7. Baltimore Blues No. 1
8. These Old Shoes
9. Not So Dense
10. Spend the Night
11. Diamond Rings 2007
12. Sink or Swim
13. Christ Jesus
14. What Kind of Fool Am I?

About the album — My buddy Seth suggested I check out Deer Tick last month and to listen to this album. Seth has good taste in music such as I so I knew her wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction.

“War Elephant” is such a warm album to listen to. The opening track, “Ashamed” instantly set me up feeling like I was out on the back porch of a cabin in the middle of the woods in September. Beer in hand, I knew I was in for a nice relaxing afternoon, instead in the confines of an Atlantic City home in March.

Regardless where I really am, I like where “War Elephant” took me. As Deer Tick’s debut album in 2007, it really opened up the world (and myself) to them.

To me, the best song off the album is “Not So Dense,” which is a little edgier than the rest of the album. Also, “Nevada,” and the cover song “What Kind of Fool Am I?” are good listens.


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