Album no. 7: “The Conch” – moe.

Album: “The Conch”
Band: moe.
Year: 2007
Single: “Wind It Up”
Best Song: “The Pit”

Track list
1. Blue Jeans Pizza
2. Lost Along the Way
3. The Conch
4. Tailspin
5. Tubing the River Styx
6. The Pit
7. Another One Gone
8. Wind It Up
9. Y Eaux Massa
10. Down Boy
11. She
12. Where Does the Time Go
13. Summer O I
14. The Road
15. Macintrye Range
16. The Col.
17. Brittle End

About the album — moe. has been around forever, gracing the jam band scene with it’s musical talents for over two decades. In fact, they are due to have a new album out this year.

“The Conch” is their eighth studio album. I’ve had this album on my iPod for over a year now, brought to my attention via request. Though I’m not a huge fan of .moe or am an expert of their music, I’m familiar with and a fan of their progressive, jam rock sound – and shades of Steely Dan in a few songs.

That Steely Dan sound is apparent on the very first track, “Blue Jeans Pizza.” The album continues it’s melodious feel with “Lost Along the Way” and “Tailspin.”

“The Pit,” “Another One Gone” and “Wind It Up” help round out the album’s best tracks. The second half is also filled with its share of special tracks, including “The Road” and “Brittle End.”


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