Album no. 6: “Be The Void” – Dr. Dog

Album: “Be The Void”
Band: Dr. Dog
Year: 2012
Single: “That Old Black Hole”
Best Song: “Over Here, Over There”

1. Lonesome
2. That Old Black Hole
3. These Days
4. How Long Must I Wait?
5. Get Away
6. Do the Trick
7. Vampire
8. Heavy Light
9. Big Girl
10. Over Here, Over There
11. Warrior Man
12. Turning the Century

About the album — Dr. Dog found its way onto my iPod over the summer when DMB was dishing out free samplers for all their supporting music during the Caravans.

It was the bonus track “Black-Red” on their album “Shame, Shame” (2010) that introduced me to their sound. It was funky, and to their description, psychedelic. It’s fair to say this is my first real exposure to today’s psychedelic.

“Be the Void” may just be the sound the Philly group has finally perfected. The opening track “Lonesome” is an incredible, folky way to start this album off. What follows is an album filled with incredible music.

Some of the stand-out songs include “Vampire,” “Over Here, Over There” and “Do the Trick.” The album’s single, “That Old Black Hole” is also a pretty strong song.



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