Album no. 3: “Metals” – Feist

Album: “Metals
Band: Faeist
Year: 2011
Single: “How Come You Never Go There”
Best Song: “Caught A Long Wind

Track List
1. The Bad In Each Other
2. Graveyard
3. Caught A Long Wind
4. How Come You Never Go There
5. A Commotion
6. The Circle Married the Line
7. Bittersweet Melodies
8. Anti-Pioneer
9. Undiscovered First
10. Cicadas and Gulls
11. Comfort Me
12. Get It Wrong, Get It Right

About the Album — “Metals” is the fourth album by Leslie Feist, a singer-songwriter from Canada. Though this album isn’t as “folky” as I kind of labeled it, I’m going to make it the first selection for Folk Friday’s because I wanted to get this album into the project.

I first came about to hear Feist in a mixed playlist a person on AntsMarching.Org gave me. In that playlist was this album’s second track “Graveyard” and I fell in love with her voice right away. I decided to buy the CD and it has been a mainstay in my car’s CD changer for the past couple of months.

The album’s single, which could have been made easy to distinguish, is “How Come You Never Go There.” It’s a great song indeed, much better than most singles a band or artist puts out, and it’s an indication on how good this album really is.

Feist’s song-writing is superb on this as well as her composition and choreography on the album. Aside from singing, Feist plays the organ, piano and guitar on this album as well as arranged the horns and strings.

Her musical brilliance shows on songs like “Caught A Long Wind,” “The Circle Married the Line,” and “Bittersweet Melody.”

There aren’t many singers out there who can really write music like this on top of having a voice that can melt your heart.

Happy Friday, folks, and put on some Feist.


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