Album no. 2: “Shout At The Devil” – Motley Crue

Album: “Shout At the Devil”
Band: Motley Crue
Year: 1983
Single: “Looks That Kill”
Best Song: “Shout At the Devil”

Track list
1. In the Beginning
2. Shout At the Devil
3. Looks That Kill
4. Bastard
5. God Bless the Children of the Beast
6. Helter Skelter
7. Red Hot
8. Too Young to Fall In Love
9. Knock ‘Em Dead Kid
10. Ten Seconds to Love
11. Danger

About the album — “Shout At the Devil” is one of Crue’s three block buster albums. Part of the hair metal movement, “Shout At the Devil” is considered to be the hardest rocking album by the band.

Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Isn’t that what the hard rock of the 80’s were all about? AC/DC did it well, so did Crue, Pantera, Van Halen and a handful of other hair metal bands that thrived in one of the wackiest decades musically.

The big singles off this album include “Looks That Kill” and “Too Young to Fall In Love.” But the album’s most popular song, especially to the younger generation today thanks to the hit video game Guitar Hero is the title track, “Shout At the Devil.

This album was perfect for kicking off the 80’s portion of this 40 For Lent project. It was suggested to me on Twitter as I had a handful of albums I was mulling over including Van Halen and AC/DC. Don’t worry, those bands will pop up during these next six weeks.

Rock on!


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