Album no. 1: “Safety In Numbers” – Umphrey’s McGee

Album: “Safety In Numbers
Band: Umphrey’s McGee
Year: 2006
Single: n/a
Best Song: “Intentions Clear” feat. Joshua Redman

Track list
1. Believe the Lie
2. Rocker (feat. Chris Hoffman)
3. Liquid (feat. Mike Racky)
4. Words
5. Nemo
6. Women, Wine and Song (feat. Huey Lewis)
7. Intentions Clear (feat. Joshua Redman)
8. End of the Road (feat. Huey Lewis)
9. Passing
10. Ocean Billy
11. The Wight Around

About this album — This is one of my favorite albums by Umphrey’s, who I casually enjoy listening to. One of my goals is to get to an Umphrey’s show, which I hear is absolutely out of this world.

As opposed to the heavy jamming Umphrey’s does live and even on the studio albums, “Safety In Numbers” is a lot more acoustic and thoughtful. Usually a progressive jam band, Umphrey’s plays it safe on this album, which features a handful of guests highlighted by the legendary Huey Lewis and brilliant jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman.

Lewis is featured on two songs, “Women, Wine and Song” and “End of the Road.” Redman, one of the reasons I checked this album out originally, plays and solos on “Intentions Clear.”

Aside from those three songs, other songs to check out include “Rocker,” which features cellist Chris Hoffman, as well as “Nemo.”


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