Barry Brothers: Easy to fall in love with

I have never heard of the Barry Brothers Band until a couple days ago. No, I think I may have just fallen in love with their music.

A couple days ago, I was sorting through the hate comments I was receiving for my rather brutal review of O.A.R.’s most recent effort “King” when I stumbled upon a comment that grabbed my attention.

The comment asked me to check out the latest EP of this new band called the Barry Brothers, and being the sucker I am for new music, I had to give it a listen.

I can tell you right now that “Yawnin’ in the Dawnin'” did not disappoint.

“Yawnin’ in the Dawnin'” was released on May 19, 2011 and is the debut EP for the Barry Brothers. From their press release:

Barry is a folk rock band from Hume, New York. The band, formed in 2011, is made up of three brothers: Patrick Barry (Guitar/Harmonica), Benjamin Barry (Bass), and Bradford Barry (drums). Barry formed in the wake of Patrick and Benjamin’s former alt-rock band, Navar and combines outlaw country, pop melodies, bluesy folk, old- timey vocal harmonies, and rock and roll. The band released its debut EP Yawnin’ in the Dawnin’ on May 19th, 2011.

After the first listen, I can totally see how a review for an O.A.R. album drew them to my site. A couple of the songs sound as if Marc Roberg himself decided to try his hand in folk, something I would have no problem seeing O.A.R. experiment with in the future.

The album opens with a vocal short named after the EP’s title. It’s a very catchy little song and its length allows it to pack a nice punch.

But the other six songs on the EP will not sell you short as each track tops the four-minute mark with three eclipsing five. By doing this, the Barry Brothers throw in a lot of instrumentation, allowing you to get lost in the music. “Three Years in Carolina” is a perfect example of this.

Throughout the EP, you can hear a handful of genres. From backroad blues (G. Love’s latest effort “Fixin’ to Die” comes to mind), to folk (a little Fleet Foxes texture can’t hurt) to the pop and hard rock (O.A.R.’s sound from the past six years) is laced throughout the album’s seven tracks.

Two tracks on the back end of the EP, “Drink One More” and “Great Unknown” may be the two best tracks on this album.”Drink One More” is a straight-up drinking song, a necessity on any album for me. “Great Unknown” sends the seven-track EP off in fitting fashion, “I still care/I’ll walk with you through the great unknown/Don’t be scared. Be confident/We’re safe and sound.”

I will gladly walk with this band. I am fully behind their music, which breaths fresh air into the music industry today. A part of my interest in Indie and Folk is because bands like the Barry Brothers go out and create good music, not because they want to make a quick buck, but because they want to share something special with the world.

You can easily be a part of their experience by liking them on Facebook as well as check out their website for news and ways to obtain the EP.

Thank you Benjamin Barry for taking the time to email me with the EP as well as information on the album. I wish you and your two brothers well in your pursuit of creating something special. “Yawnin’ in the Dawnin'” is an excellent start.

Here’s a YouTube video that was attached in the email.


One comment on “Barry Brothers: Easy to fall in love with

  1. Daniel says:

    I´m listening to the EP now, and I agree with Mr. Russo, I like the Barry Brothers Band´s sound, they´re good; my best wishes of succes for them

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