Album review: “Man in Motion” – Warren Haynes

Artist: Warren Haynes
Album: “Man in Motion”
Release date: May 10, 2011


Being a fan of Warren Haynes’ work for the past five years or so, I had to get my hands on this album. The former guitarist of Gov’t Mule, Allman Brothers Band and the Dead hits this album hard with a strong backing band.

The album was recorded live in the studio, the only true way to capture the emotion put behind blues, soul and funk. With Haynes being a master at his craft in the jam band scene, this was an easy task for him to take on. Haynes has always been one to play his emotion through the guitar and his solos on this album are another great example of that.

By having only 10 tracks on the album, it gave Haynes and his band the freedom to work with each song, jamming them out to their fullest potential without having to worry about restrictions. Not a single track on “Man In Motion” fell under the five-minute mark and that is perfect in my eyes.

Ivan Neville is probably the biggest name in Haynes’ supporting band. Neville, a NoLa musician, is a master at the keys and the perfect person for capturing the sounds Haynes was going for in this album. Other members of his band include bassist George Porter, pianist Ian McLagan, Ruthie Foster on backing vocals and Ron Halloway on sax.

The title track “Man In Motion” starts the album off with a full bluesy, soul and funk sound. The backing horns give the song a rich and full sound. Other songs that jumped out at me from Haynes’ guitar are “River’s Gonna Rise,” “Sick of My Shadow” and “Your Wildest Dream.”

The album ends on a slow but powerful soul ballad called “Save Me.” Crying out for the strength to go on, Haynes nearly brought me to tears with his singing on this. McLagan’s piano-work is incredible as well, driving Haynes to his fullest potential. We’re treated with one more moody solo on the song’s reprise.

The album isn’t going to boast any radio hits but that wasn’t what Haynes was going for. Like a true musician, it’s all about the music and passion behind it. Haynes is a former Grammy winner and his name alone will get this album the love it deserves.


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