Concert Review: Dispatch

Band: Dispatch
Date: June 18, 2011
Venue: Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ
Rating (5-star rating): 4 1/2 stars


  1. Melon Bend
  2. Here We Go
  3. Open Up
  4. Cover This
  5. Time Served
  6. Con Man
  7. Lightning
  8. Bang Bang
  9. Beto
  10. Passerby
  11. Hey Hey
  12. Steepeles
  13. Valentine
  14. Prince of Spades
  15. Flying Horses
  16. Past the Falls
  17. Turn This Ship Around
  18. Two Coins
  19. Broken American
  20. The General
  21. Mission
  22. Elias
  23. Cut It Ya Match It (For What It’s Worth) – E1
  24. Outloud (Mrs. Robinson) – E2
  25. Bats in the Belfrey – E3

Overview: I’ve only been a Dispatch fan for over a year. I slowly grew into a fan after listening to their first album “Silent Steeples” and fell in love with their sound.

But I would only casually listen to them, learning a handful of songs and playing a couple on the guitar. “Flying Horses” and “Elias” have become songs I enjoy on the guitar as well as singing along with “Steeples.”

But I was content on just the CD’s I had because I knew the band tours on and off due to all their side projects (State Radio is the only one I listen to). But when I heard they were going to have a small summer tour, I got my hopes up for a local show.

Boom! Harrison, NJ became the destination and I gobbled up tickets immediately.

After tonight, a familiar thing happened to me. After being a casual OAR, DMB and Rise Against fan up until seeing each bad for the first time, I became instantly hooked and now am I diehard.

Last night’s show in Harrison was one of the greatest shows I have ever attended. And I’ve been to close to 70 the past nine years.

The played all the songs I wanted to hear on top of some new songs I fell in love with hearing the first time. The three I mentioned along with “Bats in the Belfrey,” “Two Coins,” “The General,” “Bang Bang” and “Hey Hey” were the songs I knew off the top of my head.

But I fell in love with “Prince of Spades,” “Turn This Ship Around” and “Broken American” last night. And as I go through the playlist I made of the set list on my iTunes, I’m falling deeper in love with other songs like “Cut It Ya Match It.”

Dispatch played for over 2 1/2 hours and they rocked the Red Bull Arena. Besides the great music, they put on a helluva show. They came out in their signature beat up van and sprinted to the stage to get the ball rolling.

Then for the encore, Pete Heimbold was playing the guitar up in the arena’s rafters while Chad Stokes and Brad Corrigan came out through a tunnel and started singing on top of the van. They two then met up with Heimbold in the rafters and the trip ziplined back to the stage.

The band then rocked Red Bulls hats, the MLS soccer team that plays in the arena during the final song, “Bats” and ended the night on a high note.

Later on, I’ll post a couple videos if I get around to it.


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