Album 38: Aerosmith – “Rocks”


  1. Back In the Saddle
  2. Last Child
  3. Rats in the Cellar
  4. Combination
  5. Sick As A Dog
  6. Get the Lead Out
  7. Nobody’s Fault
  8. Lick And Promise
  9. Home Tonight

Aerosmith is legendary. That’s all I can really say about the super rock group from the 70’s. From Steven Tyler’s iconic approach to rock to Joe Perry’s bluesy riffs, Aerosmith has rocked their way into our hearts for nearly 40 years. Yea, hard to believe that 2013 will celebrate their 40th anniversary.

“Rocks” is a great example of vintage Aerosmith. From the opening with “Back in the Saddle” to the closing ballad “Home Tonight,” this album simply rocks.

“Back in the Saddle,” “Last Child” and “Rats in the Cellar” are three super hits off this album. They all feature Perry’s sick guitar playing and feature some of Tyler’s most iconic screams.


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