Album 37: Gomez – “How We Operate”


  1. Notice
  2. See The World
  3. How We Operate
  4. Hamoa Beach
  5. Girlshapedlovedrug
  6. Chasing Ghosts With Alcohal
  7. Tear Your Love Apart
  8. Charley Patton Songs
  9. Woman! Man!
  10. All Too Much
  11. Cry On Demand
  12. Don’t Make Me Laugh

I fell in love with Gomez almost immediately in January of 2007. They were opening up for O.A.R. in Camden and I thought their sound was phenomenal. Days later, my brother and I traveled to MSG to see O.A.R. again with Matt Nathanson and Gomez supporting them.

I went to the merchandise stand and picked up this album and it has become one of my favorite albums to pop in. Hailing from England, Gomez is one of the best bands that has fallen under the radar despite having six studio albums.

“Hamoa Beach” was the song that hooked me first when I heard them play it live. It then hooked me on the album as well. But “See the World,” is their most magical song on this album. It’s acoustic guitar riff is one of the most beautiful and hypnotizing riffs I’ve ever heard.

“Notice” is an unconventional way to start the album. I usually support an up beat album starter but with Gomez’s mellow sound, it works for them to start out quiet.

“How We Operate,” the album’s first single, is another haunting and hypnotizing song. “Girlshapedlovedrug” fits as the band’s most radio-friendly song. “Chasing Ghosts With Alcohal,” “Tear Your Love Apart” and “All Too Much” are other songs that stand out on this CD.


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