Day 33: Samantha Farrell – “Luminous”


  1. Fade Away
  2. Shoulda Known Better
  3. Someday
  4. Lady Luck
  5. I Believe
  6. Another Second Chance
  7. See You Again
  8. Thank You
  9. Who to Trust
  10. Slow Dance Romance
  11. The Sweetest Sound

I am a frequent poster on, the largest Dave Matthews Band fan site and forum. About a year after the passing of LeRoi Moore, a thread was created talking about this young jazz and folk singer who had an album produced by LeRoi before he died in which he also wrote the horn parts for some songs.

Anyway, this artist’s name was Samantha Farrell and she dedicated this album titled “Luminous” to the man who passed away. I went straight to iTunes and bought the album and instantly fell in love.

Farrell’s voice is one of the most incredible female vocalists I have ever heard. And her writing is excellent to add to her heart-warming voice.

The album opens with her first single, “Fade Away.” A jazzy, folk song that features some great piano work by Keith Van Tutt. Tutt’s work on the album drives many of her best songs such as “Another Second Chance” and “Lady Luck.”

“Lady Luck” is one of my favorite songs off the album. The horns give a Bourbon St. feel to the song. “Another Second Chance” is also driven by the horns with a few solos scattered in the middle.

“See You Again” is another gorgeous piano song.

Velvet night
that wrapped me up real tight
like a child I was safe
and warm

Come the day
the dream was gone
and I lay awake
feeling empty and cold

Close my eyes
and travel in my mind
cuz that is the best I can do

Pace the floors
if I wait anymore
my mind I am sure to lose

“Slow Dance Romance” is my favorite song off the album. The way it moves captured me right away.

I’m only gonna do this for Farrell because she’s an artist I feel not a lot of people listen to but should. Here is her official website, “Like” her page on Facebook and follow her on Twitter (@kitengia). She does respond to her fans and I’ve even had some conversations with her on Twitter.

Farrell has a wonderful personality to go with her incredible music. Check her out.


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