Day 27: Gaslight Anthem – “American Slang”


  1. “American Slang”
  2. “Stay Lucky”
  3. “Bring It On”
  4. “The Diamond Church Street Choir”
  5. “The Queen of Lower Chelsea”
  6. “Orphans”
  7. “Boxer”
  8. “Old Haunts”
  9. “The Spirit of Jazz”
  10. “We Did It When We Were Young”

The Gaslight Anthem, hailing from north Jersey, sounds like Bruce Springsteen gone punk. Absolutely original sound to their music and it’s going to turn them into one of the biggest rock bands of this decade.

“American Slang” was another step in the right direction for Gaslight, grabbing national attention to a band that was little known only a couple years prior. I saw them as the first of three opening acts for Rise Against two years ago and were impressed by them.

On Gaslight’s third album, they hit you hard with their single “American Slang” as well as other songs such as “Old Haunts,” “The Spirit of Jazz,” and “The Boxer.”

My favorite song off the album though is “The Queen of Lower Chealsea.” Brian Fallon, the bands lead singer and song writer, really hit the nail on the head with this song. It has ever thing I want in a great song: an iconic guitar riff, great lyrics and a moody feel.

Did you grow up a good girl, your daddy’s pride?
Did you make all the right moves, take all the right drugs, right on time?
American girls, they want the whole world
They want every last little light in New York City


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