Day 22: Eminem – “Eminem Show”

Tracklisting (not including skits)

  1. White America
  2. Business
  3. Cleanin’ Out My Closet”
  4. Square Dance
  5. Soldier
  6. Say Goodbye Hollywood
  7. Drips
  8. Without Me
  9. Sing For the Moment
  10. Superman
  11. Hailie’s Song
  12. When the Music Stops
  13. Say What You Say
  14. ‘Til I Collapse
  15. My Dad’s Gone Crazy

Driving home from the Phillies game today, I popped in the hip hop classic “Eminem Show” by Slim Shady himself. Hailing from Detroit, Em has cemented himself as one of the greatest rappers of all time and is the greatest of the fairer complexioned artists.

What makes Eminem so special is how he personalized his music. Rapping about a drug addicted mother, a wife he only loves because of their children and a troubled, drug-riddled life.

“Eminem Show” was one of the first CD’s I ever bought in stores with my own money. Featuring fantastic songs such as “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” “‘Til I Collapse” with the late Nate Dogg and “White America,” his third studio album helped cement Eminem in that elite status.

Though it’s not as good as “Slim Shady” and “Marshall Mathers,” “Eminem Show” was the last truly innovative album by Em. Though he had written some amazing songs since 2002, he hasn’t put out an album this consistently good through out.

Here is the album’s most popular single and music video, “Without Me”:

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