Day 19: Zac Brown Band – “The Foundation” & “You Get What You Give”

I don’t like country music at all. But ZBB is an exception for one big reason: they can jam the hell outta their music.

I’ve been wanting to see them play for the past couple years and I’m looking to do so this summer. ZBB is a little different from your average miserable depressing country music. Their music is about drinking, girls and jammin’ their asses off. ZBB is the new Jimmy Buffett minus the island music.

“The Foundation” is their first and better of the two albums. It features two of my favorite ZBB songs, “Toes” and “Chicken Fried.” Hell, I think all of those songs are favorites of everyone’s.

The second album features two great songs, “Who Knows” and “Knee Deep” with Buffett.

I’m sorry for the lack of writing on this post. I listened, just didn’t have much time to write about them in detail.


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