Day 12: Amos Lee – “Mission Bell”


  1. El Camino
  2. Windows Are Rolled Down
  3. Violin (featuring Sam Beam)
  4. Flower
  5. Stay With Me (featuring Priscilla Ahn)
  6. Out Of The Cold (featuring Pieta Brown)
  7. Jesus (featuring James Gadson)
  8. Hello Again
  9. Learned A Lot
  10. Cup Of Sorrow
  11. Clear Blue Eyes (featuring Lucinda Williams)
  12. Behind Me Now / El Camino Reprise (featuring Willie Nelson)

Amos Lee is one of the many artists coming to Atlantic City this summer in the DMB Caravan. It is probably the main reason I chose to pick up this CD at Best Buy and include it in my 40 for Lent project.

Lee’s album, “Mission Bell” is the fourth album by the folk artist. It captured a great acoustic feel while hitting a few songs with a more country feel. The entire album was laid back and chill.

Two of my favorite songs off the album were “Windows Are Rolled Down” and “Flower.” The reason I was drawn to these two songs were their upbeat nature. They completely stood out on their own among the rest of the album.

“Out of the Cold” really stood out to me on this album for a different reason than the other two songs. If you’re a Bruce Springsteen fan, “The Ghost of Tom Joad” will immediately pop into your head when listening to this song. I’m not accusing Lee of ripping off The Boss but this song as strong resemblance to one of my favorite Bruce songs. That’s why it’s one of my favorites.

“Jesus” and “El Camino” were two other pretty solid songs on the album. Willie Nelson’s guest spot on “Behind Me Now/El Camino Reprise” was very brief. Nelson is a country legend and his presence on the album definitely helped in the buying process of this CD.

Lee’s voice is phenomenal. His guitar playing and singing are top notch and clear. I absolutely can not wait to see him live.


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