Day 15: Little Feat – “Waiting For Columbus”


  1. “Join The Band”
  2. “Fat Man in the Bathtub”
  3. “All That You Dream”
  4. “Oh Atlanta”
  5. “Old Folks’ Boogie”
  6. “Time Loves a Hero”
  7. “Day or Night”
  8. “Mercenary Territory”
  9. “Spanish Moon”
  10. “Dixie Chicken”
  11. “Tripe Face Boogie”
  12. “Rocket in My Pocket”
  13. “Willin'”
  14. “Don’t Bogart That Joint”
  15. “A Apolitical Blues”
  16. “Sailin’ Shoes”
  17. “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now”
Sorry for no album yesterday. Got really busy. But playing two Bruce albums a few days ago made up for it i guess.





God I love how this album starts out with the A Capella “Join the Band” into “Fat Man In the Bathtub.”

Little Feat is one of those bands not much is known about but damn it if it stays that way. I’m so happy Phish covering this amazing album last October for the Halloween concert in Atlantic City opened this band up to me.

What I also like about Little Feat is that they are one of the earliest jam bands on the scene. Along with the grand daddy Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers Band, Little Feat opened up the jam band field to bands like Phish and (you can argue this) Dave Matthews Band among the one’s growing today like Umphrey’s McGee.

It’s a live CD and the second of only a handful of live CD’s to be featured in this project. “Fat Man” and “Dixie Chicken” are the two songs on this album I feel like everybody should know or at least recognize.

“If you’ll be my Dixie chicken, I’ll be your Tennessee lamb and we’ll walk together down in Dixie Land,” are lyrics a lot of DMB fans are familiar with because since 1996, Matthews has sung those lyrics at the end of the band’s hit “Crash Into Me” in concert.

What I also loved about “Dixie Chicken” is how they jam it out live. The Bourbon Street jazz break down is some of the coolest pieces of music I have ever listened to and I am obsessed with that part every time I put on this song.

A few other songs that stood out to me the most are “Tripe Face Boogie,” “Oh Atlanta,” and “Spanish Moon.” “Boogie” is led into by “Dixie Chicken” and the bluesy beat and rockin’ feel make this song move. It’s an excellent guitar-jamming song. Lowell George’s work on this song really come out as it does on the rest of the album.

“Spanish Moon” is such a sick, island feel. Sam Clayton’s conga playing sets the mood for this song as it is probably the best song on the album. It’s about a night club where drug use, dancing and drinking go on. It’s just a funky, roll-a-big-fat-one-and-listen-to jam.

Whiskey, and Bad Cocaine
Poison Get You Just the Same
And If That — That Don’t — Kill You Soon
The Women Will Down At the Spanish Moon

“Waiting for Columbus” is one of the greatest live CD’s of all time and a must listen for anyone who claims they love classic rock – especially anyone who has been reading this site.



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