Day 10: Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”


  1. The Suburbs
  2. Ready to Start
  3. Modern Man
  4. Rococo
  5. Empty Room
  6. City With No Children
  7. Half Light I
  8. Half Light II
  9. Suburban War
  10. Month of May
  11. Wasted Hours
  12. Deep Blue
  13. We Used to Wait
  14. Sprawl
  15. Sprawl II
  16. The Suburbs (continued)

When I created this blog, I knew I had to give a listen to the Grammy-award winning album of the year, “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire. I had casually listened to it well before the Grammy’s ever aired and I liked the overall sound. Giving it a listen now, I understand how it got the critical acclaim it deserved.

The album, as described by the band, was a letter from the suburbs where members Win and William Butler grew up in Houston. They were going for a sound similar to Neil Young and Depeche Mode, two artists they heard a lot growing up while living in Houston.

The album did a great job of capturing that sound. It also captured a sound similar to another band I really like in Guster and also had a David Bowie feel in some spots.

The album starts out with “The Suburbs,” a great little introduction to the album. It was also the album’s first single along with “The Month of May,” which definitely sounds like something right out of the 80’s.

“We Used to Wait” is probably my favorite song off the album along with the self-titled track. “Ready to Start,” another single, is also an excellent song.

Overall the album was relaxing. It’s one of those CD’s I’d listen to if the songs were mixed in a playlist. I’m not a fan of albums that have similar-sounding songs. It did deserve a nomination for album of the year as it was a really good album but it didn’t move me like some of the other stuff it went up against.


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