Day 9 – Dropkick Murphys – “The Warrior’s Code”


  1. Your Spirit’s Alive
  2. The Warrior’s Code
  3. Captain Kelly’s Kitchen
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. Sunshine Highway
  6. Wicked Sensitive Crew
  7. The Burden
  8. Citizen C.I.A.
  9. The Green Fields of France
  10. Take It and Run
  11. I’m Shipping Up to Boston
  12. The Auld Triangle
  13. Last Letter Home
  14. Tessie

Happy St. Patty’s day to the Irish and the people who wish they were. As an Italian, I don’t fully celebrate this holiday but I can’t turn down an opportunity to listen to a group as big of sports fans as I’ve seen in the music industry.

The Dropkick Murphys are from Boston, not surprising with the Boston and Red Sox references present in the album of the day “Warriors Code.” I also know they are Bruins fans because they were present at a Flyers game last week while a couple of the members were wearing B’s jerseys.

Anyway, “Your Spirit’s Alive” and “The Warrior’s Code” open the album. “Captain Kelly’s Kitchen” is a very awesome song as well.

Some of my favorites off this album include “Sunshine Highway” and “The Wicked Sensative Crew.” “Crew” is a hysterical song which a bunch of great little one-liners and this one line always humored me being a huge Philadelphia fan:

“I admit that I cried when Micky died in Rocky II”

The best song off the album is a Brenden Behan cover, “The Auld Triangle.” I absolutely love the piano intro and the part where the flute kicks in. It’s such a beautiful Celtic song and it is covered beautifully by DKM.

Everyone who has heard of DKM has heard of “I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” the song made famous in the Jack Nicholson blockbuster film “The Departed” and used over and over and over again in numerous Boston-themed sporting events.

The album concludes with “Tessie,” a cover of a 1903 song written for the Boston Americans when they won the World Series. “Tessie” was covered by DKM after the Sox broke the 86-year curse in 2004. This version also features backing vocals from two former Sox players Johnny Damon and Bronson Arroyo.

In the liner notes of the CD insert, this is said about “Tessie”:

We recorded this song in June 2004 and after giving it to the Red Sox told anyone that would listen that this song would guarantee a World Series victory. Obviously no one listened to us or took us seriously. We were three outs away from elimination in game 4 at the hands of the Yankees and receiving death threats from friends, family, & strangers telling us to stay away from the Red Sox and any other Boston sports team and get out of town. Luckily for us things turned around for the Red Sox and the rest is history.

I admire any musical work that is inspired by sports. Any group who is a huge sports fan is a group I will listen to, even if they are Boston fans. Hey DKM, remember what happened last Stanley Cup playoffs?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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