Day 6: The Black Keys – “Brothers”


  1. Everlasting Light
  2. Next Girl
  3. Tighten Up
  4. Howlin’ For You
  5. She’s Long Gone
  6. Black Mud
  7. The Only One
  8. Too Afraid to Love You
  9. Ten Cent Pistol
  10. Sinister Kid
  11. The Go Getter
  12. I’m Not the One
  13. Unknown Brother
  14. Never Gonna Give You Up
  15. These Days
  16. Ohio* [bonus]

The Black Keys are an American-blues band. “Brothers” is the sixth album by the duo, which came out last year. I absolutely love the album cover. I think it’s a great little silly gesture.

The first track, “Everlasting Light,” was terrible. But they quickly redeemed themselves with “Next Girl,” which hit me hard with a great beat and moody feel.

The CD’s single, “Howlin’ For You” is the one song probably everyone knows. It’s also featured in EA Sports NHL 11 so I hear this song ALL the time. It’s just a very neat little song with a super-catchy chorus consisting of “Da-da-da-daaaa-da.”

“Ten Cent Pistol” was the odd-ball song that stood out to me. It had a jazzier feel than the rest of the blues-heavy album. It actually reminded me of a Steely Dan song in a way, kind of “Do It Again”-ish.

The bonus track “Ohio” which I listened to on Youtube was incredible. This song should have made the original album in my opinion. It was put on a 7″ vinyl and also made available as a free download from the band’s site. It’s probably my favorite song off the album.


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