Day 3: 311 – “Soundsystem”

Track listing

  1. Freeze Time
  2. Come Original
  3. Large in the Margin
  4. Flowing
  5. Can’t Fade Me
  6. Life’s Not A Race
  7. Strong All Along
  8. Sever
  9. Eons
  10. Evolution
  11. Leaving Babylon
  12. Mind Spin
  13. Livin’ & Rockin’

I picked 311 today because simply it’s March 11 (3/11). My friend, who is a huge 311 fan, dubs today as “311 Day” each year and fills it with awesome 311 music.

I like 311’s sound. It’s very punk but Peanut’s work on bass is the main reason I enjoy their music. Anything that’s driven by bass has always attracted my ear. One of the reasons why I like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones and anything blues/jazz.

The two songs that stood out to me were “Come Original,” “Strong All Along” and “Large in the Margin” seeing as I’ve heard those songs a thousand times before. “Come Original” and “Strong All Along” have a little reggae feel to them where as “Large in the Margin” actually reminds me of an early Green Day song.

I have another friend who exposed me to a couple 311 songs called “8:16” and “My Stoney Baby” which I absolutely loved. This album along with those two songs have been the launching point for me if I ever become a 311 fan.

For now, they are some great casual music to listen to but who knows, I may hop on the bandwagon – minus the pot smoking.

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